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My yoga sessions run almost all year round.

Conventional yoga not for you?

Come and join our tribe!

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Hi I'm Caroline, your Unconventional Yoga Instructor.

As seen on Sun Sea & Selling Houses & A Place in the Sun.


Every-Body is Unique & you know your body best.

I encourage you to listen to your own Needs, doing as much or as little as you please, everyone practicing at their own level. 


I offer more than a regular yoga session, so you may try out postures you've never seen or heard of before!

In some poses I will offer questions, inquiries, affirmations & prompts to increase your self awareness, change your mood & naturally rebalance your central nervous system.

Plus tips & tricks which you can instantly apply, making your yoga relevant & useful to your everyday life.


I weave my experience as a Embodied Life Coach & somatics tools into these sessions.

Genuine breakthroughs, releases (including laughter) & transformational moments are common in these group settings!

Reconnecting with your innate body wisdom and sharing the experience with others can be a powerful and uplifting experience.


Yoga at La Vuelta Finca, Formentera Del Segura.


Hatha Yoga - Tuesday and Friday 10.30am

Energising yoga combining traditional hatha yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles.

Specifically designed to lift your mood & your energy levels. Imagine entering the orange grove with uplifting music, zesty scents, colourful yoga mats &  welcoming smiles. This session is designed to up regulate your senses leaving you feeling invigorated & refreshed. 

You do not need to be able to put your foot behind your head or do acrobatics to attend! This is Not a Power Yoga class. Everyone works at their own level, moving from pose to pose, connecting with the sensations of the postures, of movement, of voice and breath to release stagnant energy in the body. Releasing tension trapped in your nervous system releases stress, muscle contraction & tightness. It naturally increases endorphins which make you feel happier. 

To integrate the process you will finish with a traditional Shavasana & embrace the simple pleasure doing nothing.

Gentle Yoga - Wednesday and Saturday 10.30am

Suitable for those advised against vigorous exercise & suffers of chronic pain conditions.

Imagine entering a tranquil orange grove filled with soft musical tones, incense and making your way to your mat which has blocks, cushions and blankets laid upon it. This is your time of gentle, kind, relaxation. Almost all the Gentle Yoga postures are seated on your mat, on your chest or back. Slow supportive movements working at your own comfort level, stretching, nurturing & flexing.  You are supported by cushions and blocks as you pause & soften into each pose, relaxing and surrendering deeply into the moment.

 All abilities, body shapes, sizes & nationalities are welcome, nothing is compulsory, you can do as much or as little as you choose.  I guide your breath with my voice and take you upon a journey of relaxation, of letting go and of self-acceptance.  I assist the process with a variety of alternative healing methods including Reiki, aromatherapy, crystals & sound.

All you need to do is….....Let Go.


Yoga Class  - 6€

Class Pass 6 classes for the price of 5. - 30€

Yin & Gin - 20€ 

Personal Embodied Yoga Coaching - 35€ per hour

Personal Aerial Yoga Training - 35€ per hour 

Meditation Cafe - 10€

Full Moon Ceremony & Beach Yoga -15€


Check out the events page to find out more!

Join one of my events or book a private party. 

Min 5 person for bespoke experiences for your holiday & special occasions.


I invite you to press the pause button in your life, giving yourself permission to move playfully, gratefully, joyfully and mindfully. To stop, allowing your mind, body and soul rest too.


I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile.

From a place of love;


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