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Who I choose to be

Hi I am Caroline Skillings. And I am Perfectly Imperfect!
I am vivacious , dynamic, passionate and adventurous.

I’m well known for my exuberant, caring nature and big smile. I’m not for everyone and I don't want to be.

Raised by a Druid, whilst others were dragged to church, I was at stone circles & sacred wells. Honouring nature's cycles, the moon & the seasons is deeply ingrained in me. I use ceremony for rites of passage, for transformation, for letting go of the past, for grief, for gratitude & celebration too. There is nothing better than a community coming together to share empowering moments.
The last 3 years I have been at the University of Myself.
I’ve trained and practised with teachers and coaches, who I regard as the best in the world to help transform lives and it's been one hell of a ride!

From a young age connecting with my body and having the ability to change it, to change how I felt through it was obvious to me.

I invented my Magic Wardrobe, an instant embodiment technique I still use, before I was 6.

But I didn’t know what the word Embodiment was then!

I’ve shared My Magic Wardrobe my entire life and developed it further when studying, and later running Community Drama and Young People’s projects in Torbay, New York and beyond. 

I’ve applied myself instinctively to what called me.

Drama, community, theatre, dance, social studies, health, social care, yoga, meditation, nature and interpersonal relationships.
All of which didn't seem to come together in a normal linear trajectory like other professionals I knew, until I discovered Embodiment Coaching.
I realised I’d been unknowingly training for this my entire life. 
I was made for this and this is who I choose to be.

I do not regard myself as a master.

But I have sat at the feet of masters and I have woven what they have taught me into my way of being.

My purpose is to share what I have learned with other women and those who identify as women, to walk beside them as they reconnect with themselves and find their own perfectly imperfect way of being.

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