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Meditation Cafe

Meditation in a cafe!

The Meditation Cafe welcomes the distraction of life so you can learn to apply meditation techniques and practice meditating anywhere.


Meditation has become hugely popular in recent years for calming the mind, reducing stress, anxiety and more.

Our fast paced lives means many traditional mindfulness techniques are not always relevant or applicable to our lives.


At the Meditation Cafe you will be guided through formal mindfulness sessions and I'll reveal my top tips to integrate informal practices into your life making your mindfulness relevant.


Informal practice enables you to transfer the skills you learned at the Meditation Cafe in bite size chunks into your life.

We call it a practice, the application is a better life.


If you can’t make it to an in-person session or would like hear more, see my meditation recordings below and check out our meditation cafe takeaways.


Below are some snippets of meditations you can purchase.

They are 7€ each and roughly 30 mins per meditation.

To purchase, please contact me by whatsapp or email.

Sleep Deeply snippet
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Needra Snippet
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Miracle of You Snippet
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