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A Year of Transformation

A Year to a Transformed You

For the woman who is ready to make a serious commitment to herself. 

A Year of Transformation is for the woman who is ready to courageously step into a new way of living.

I will guide you on a 12 month journey to discover your habitual ways of being, increase self awareness, uncover your unconscious behaviours and develop new ways to turn up in your life.

I will help you clarify and phrase exactly what aspects of your life you wish to work on, guiding you through a series of specially selected body based coaching techniques to reveal your personal truth and the direction you choose to move forward in your life. 

Embodied coaching can be incredibly quick to reveal your answers, give instantaneous breakthroughs, transformation and eureka moments.

I invite you to join me with an open mind as I will be offering a body based approach you may not have encountered before to guide you to your Choice.

To help integrate what you learn about yourself, I will offer new skills for you to practice both formally and informally outside of our coaching session.

Yes! I’m giving you homework!

I wouldn’t give you a guitar and expect you to perform a concert on the first day!

Practising a new way of living, like learning to play the guitar takes practice and commitment. The practices will help you to cultivate what you have discovered in our sessions, making them relevant and usable to your everyday life.
In essence, I ask you to make a commitment to yourself outside of the coaching sessions to create enduring change in life.

Which kind of makes you the Rock Star in the story!

From personal experience, I can say the only thing which might change
is everything!

Caroline Skillings

Wellbeing Coach