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Stop being a Yes Woman

It's time to say NO.

For the Woman who;

Always says yes automatically.
Always serves the needs of others before herself.
Increases her work load by saying yes.
Is exhausted from people pleasing
Says Yes even when she means No.
Wants to be kinder to herself.

Find out;

Why you say Yes, even when you want to say No.
The benefits of boundaries.

Teach others how you expect to be treated.
Choosing yourself -  Let people know where you stand
Delve into the past to uncover who and what influenced and conditioned you.
Discover your habits surrounding saying yes or no.
Decide whether your habits or learnt behaviours are useful.
Understand the difference between being nice and being kind Based on Work of Erika Chalkly.
Establishing new boundaries.
Practice saying No.
Experiment saying No in a variety of ways.
Learn to feel comfortable saying No.
Embody Your No.
Dealing with people who push upon you boundaries.
Identify your real Yes!
Discover what you really want to say Hell yeah! to in your life.

Caroline Skillings

Wellbeing Coach