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Resilience to Stress 

Reaching your calm...

For the Woman Who Wants:

To Build skills to manage stress.
Better Memory.
Better sleep.
Increased concentration.
Reduction in overwhelming emotions.
A new perspective on stressful situations.
Self Regulation.
Increased patience and tolerance.
Increased imagination and creativity.
Increase in Self Awareness.
Instantly transferable Stress Reduction techniques.
Ongoing Maintenance Skills for Stress Management.

Identify what stress is in the body and as the body.
Increase self awareness of how you personally react to stress.
Explore and recognise the long and short term effects of stress on your wellbeing.
Identify what resilience is and why it is important.
Learn and practice techniques proven to build skills to manage stress.
Discover Where and Why we need to practice new skills.
Create New habits to be more resilient to stress.
Stress Reduction Skills.
Instantly usable, applicable and transferable techniques.
Self Regulation.
Ongoing Personal Maintenance Practices.

What we are going to do:

Caroline Skillings

Wellbeing Coach