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Full Moon

Full Moon Ceremony

Relinquishing Ritual 

Join me to celebrate Full Moon in a modern version of a  traditional full moon ceremony in mother nature’s most beautiful yoga studio.

Gathering in a circle we will settle into our bodies and surrounding with grounding and calming breath techniques.

Together we create connection with the world around us and one another as we will create a central mandala with purpose and intention. 
Beginning our with a Self Blessing, a series of gentle standing movements designed to connect you with the sensation of joy, gratitude and wellbeing.

I invite all participants to write down.
What you want to relinquish? What you no longer need in your life?

What you want to let go off?
This maybe a situation, a person, a habit, feeling…… anything you like.

What you would like to welcome into your life…..


Every-body is unique and you know your body best, I encourage you to listen to your needs, doing as much or as little as you choose. I invite everyone to practice at their own level as we mindfully move our bodies and release stagnant energy helping to rebalance your nervous system.

As we move from pose to pose in beach yoga I will explain how to connect with the sensation of a pose, how it can influence your mood and offer micro tips and tricks which you can instantly apply to your life.

I offer more than a regular beach yoga session, so you may try out postures you've never seen or heard of before!

In some poses I will offer questions, inquiries, affirmations and prompts to increase your self awareness and change your mood.


I weave my experience in embodied life coaching and somatics into these sessions.
Genuine breakthroughs, releases and transformational moments are common in these group settings!
Reconnecting with your innate body wisdom and sharing the experience with others under the light of the moon is a powerful and uplifting experience.
The power of the moon moves the ocean, so allow your energy to flow with the moon as we approach Spring equinox.

This is the time of rebirth, renewal and growth, the perfect time to welcome new influence, set intentions and to choose which seeds to tend into your life.

As the full moon rises over the sea, I will guide you on a meditation to help you let go of what you no longer need and welcome what you desire.
Burning what we no longer require and dousing it in water.
Finishing with a circle of gratitude, friendship and hope under the light of the silvery moon.

Caroline Skillings

Wellbeing Coach