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Art of Choosing Yourself

Rebirth, Renewal and Growth

I invite you to begin choosing yourself now.

Choosing yourself in a society which expects women to be all things, to all people, all of the time is both rebellious, courageous and rewarding.

For The Woman;

  • Who wants to welcome the vitality of growth and Spring into her life

  • Who wants to discover who she is

  • Who over gives

  • Who puts everything before herself

  • Who no longer wishes to say I'm Fine when she is not

  • Who has decided to put herself first

  • What we will do

  • Breathwork and Mindful movement for connection, trust and safety

  • Grounding

  • Centering

  • Self Awareness of where you find yourself

  • Embodied Movement Model to recognise your habitual ways of being

  • Body based Inquiry

  • Reflection Skills

  • Choose a new direction

  • Nature based Guided Meditation

  • Awaken New ideas

  • Choosing Yourself Ceremony for commitment and Growth

Break-through’s, Eureka moments and deep transformation change can and do happen in these sessions so I limit capacity to 8 participants. 

Caroline Skillings

Wellbeing Coach