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Choosing Yourself 

For the woman who is stuck, who feels she has lost part of herself, who does too much, who holds everything together for everybody else.
For the woman who feels detached, numb or dead inside but manages to shine in public.

For the woman who has forgotten how to shine. 
For the woman who feels no matter what they give, it is not enough. 
For the woman who knows in her heart and soul there is something more, but doesn't know where to begin.
For the woman who has begun but still feels disconnected.
For the woman who no longer wishes to say I’m Fine, when she is not!
For the woman who knows and wishes to live a more passionate, vital, happy and fulfilled life.
For the woman who has decided to choose herself.

Begin Your Journey now by Choosing Yourself!

A Different Approach...

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your conventional coach!

I'm Caroline,

Your Unconventional Wellbeing Coach.

I was a Compulsive-Over-Giver, a Consistent-Never-Being-Enougher and an Always-Put-Others-Before-Myselfer!

Until I decided to Choose MySelf.


I guide Other Women to Choose Themselves.

To acknowledge their own wants and needs as valid and important.

Showing them how meeting their needs first, not only improves their lives, but the lives of those around them for a happier and more authentic way of being.


I have woven my offerings from all aspects of my life experiences.

Both formal and informal education, the spiritual and mundane, at the feet of masters and from my grandmothers elbow too.

To help the woman who feels like she is trapped in a box she never chose and to find out how to reconnect with her innate self.


I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile.

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Sitting at the Feet of Masters

Training, certification, experience and immersions.

I do not regard myself as a master, but I have had the honour of sitting at the feet of them during my ongoing personal development and training. 

A master is not always world renowned, recognized and certified in their field, although you will certainly find some here that meet that criteria.
I pick my teachers carefully!
No one asks the Dalai Lama for certification.

 believe in time served quality education.
So amongst well known faces you will find some of my favourite teachers and mentors who turn up, who practice, who were born in the wrong time, of the wrong sex or chose not to be in the limelight. 
Each one has been a valuable gift.

Erica Chalkley Photo.PNG

Erika Chalkley

I’m Erika and I run Your Right to Be. I help women break free of the female conditioning to ‘be nice’, and escape the prison of fears it creates so that they can live their truest, most beautiful, daring lives and share their talents with the world. 

VID YAS.jpeg


Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Movement. Senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher ( Developed by Mark Walsh) Author of Mindful Thoughts for Fathers.

Paul Linden Phd.jpeg

Paul Linden Phd

Paul Linden is a body awareness educator, a martial artist, and an author.

He is the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody education, and founder of the Columbus Center for Movement Studies in Columbus, Ohio USA. 

mark walsh.jpeg

Mark Walsh

Founder of Embodiment Unlimited. Embodiment Coach and awesome teacher.

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation.

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Betsy Polatin.PNG

Betsy Polatin

Specialising in over 45 years of movement education, & performance.

Best selling author of Humanual. (A Manual for Being Human) & The Actors Secret. MFA, SEP. Internationally recognized breathing / movement specialist.


Sara MacFadzean

Natural Feminine Cycles,  Eco Regulation, Mindfulness, Yoga Instructor for chronic pain.

Tel +44 7955 648018


Clodagh McGrath

Psychotherapist Specializing in Trauma,  Chronic Pain and affirming therapy to the LGBTQ+ community.

"Very often the body tells the story our minds cant. Healing begins when we start to feel safe, so that is where we start."

Tel  +353 86 331 5299


Norma Baird

My Mentor
Body Wisdom, Alexander Technique, Mstat Food & Nutrition, Yoga Instructor, Rehabilitation & Relapse Body Based therapist.  Also a Life long Dancer.

Tel. +34 642 04 00 60


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Where I choose to be 

Nature is my cathedral.

Where I choose to be, to live, to teach and to host, contributes to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of others immensely.

The South Costa Blanca and in particular the area I choose to be, is voted by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest climates in the world.

Cradled by majestic mountains, Blue flag beaches, an abundant growing region and 325 days a year of sunshine and a low cost of living.

The salt lakes are home to epic amounts of flora, fauna and bird reservations, as well as naturally removing negative ions from the environment which increases immunity.

It is unique microclimate for overall health and wellbeing, a place I have a felt sense of connection with the environment and rooted sense of home.

Being in nature provides us with Eco- Regulation, a simple healthy way to soothe your nervous system & let go of the stresses and strains of life.
Sharing where I choose to be is always a privilege.

Coaching and Packages

Congratulations on choosing yourself!

The first step of a journey, is not the first pace.

It is the choice to begin.

Coaching and Packages

Choosing Yourself Sisterhood

Each lunar month you can join 4 Live Online sessions.  

purple moon_edited.jpg

Choosing Yourself - Empower Hour!

Body based life coaching for enduring change in your life.

Image by Linus Nylund

STOP being a Yes Woman!

Find out why you say Yes, even when you want to say No.

stop pose.jpeg
Yoga pose in river_edited.jpg
"Power without love is brutality.
Love without power is ineffective."

Paul Linden

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